Why Join Relics?

So why join Relics of Corbantis?

Frankly if you’re looking for custom planets, reengineered professions and tons of custom coding there are other great options out there. But that isn’t Relics. Our goal isn’t to change everything about SWG until it is barely recognizable. Instead we’re going to focus on what made SWG great in the first place – its community.

For those of us who loved the game, the friends and rivals we met along the way are what made it so special. So we’ll make some quality of life changes. And tweak some of the problems the original had (which you need to take off the rose-tinted glasses to see).

But then we are going to focus on exciting events that build into a greater storyline. We are going to do everything we can think of to recapture the feeling of having a home away from home on YOUR SWG server.

Yes. Your server. Too many folks like to remind you repeatedly you are on THEIR server. You aren’t a valued member of that server until people start leaving en masse. We want all of our members to feel like Relics is their server as much as it is any founding member.

Which is why we have a probationary period. I’m sure some will chuckle and sneer, but it is a tactic we have used for more than a decade running large and successful guilds in other MMOs (including SWG). It has never kept us from attracting quality players. It will keep disrupting forces from coming in and poisoning the server. And you’d be amazed how much unnecessary, petty drama it removes from the equation.

So if you’ve found yourself wanting to play SWG but never fallen in love with a server. If you have bounced around and find yourself and your friends saying things like ‘yeah I don’t really love this server but …’ try Relics.

This server was founded by people who felt the same way after being alienated by some servers, or recognizing others just weren’t our cup of tea, and creating exactly what we were looking for.

And in 10 years we hope you reminisce about the early days of Relics like you do SWG’s launch way back in 2003.

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Relics of Corbantis
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