Veteran Rewards

Below is a list of the Veteran Rewards available on Relics. After your first day (when you can get rewards), players are free to collect a new reward every 10 days. Use the command /claimVeteranReward in game to choose from available items!

Day 1 Rewards

Powered Harvester
Data Terminal 1
Data Terminal 2
Data Terminal 3
Data Terminal 4
Protocol Droid Toy
R2-D2 Toy

Day 30 Rewards

NGE Structure Token
Resource Crate
Millennium Falcon Couch
Millennium Falcon Chair
TIE Fighter Toy
X-Wing Toy

Day 60 Rewards

Special Edition Goggles 1
Special Edition Goggles 2
Special Edition Goggles 3
Special Edition Goggles 4
Special Edition Goggles 5
Special Edition Goggles 6
Darth Vader Toy

Day 90 Rewards

Tech Console A
Tech Console B
Tech Console C
Tech Console D
Jabba The Hutt Toy
Stormtrooper Toy

Day 120 Rewards

Camp Spit Small
Camp Spit Large
Gold Ornamental Vase 1
Gold Ornamental Vase 2
Food Cart
Park Bench

Day 150 Rewards

Professor Desk
Diagnostic Screen
Large Potted Plant 2
Large Potted Plant 3
Large Potted Plant 4

Day 180 Rewards

Bar Countertop
Bar Countertop Curved 1
Bar Countertop Curved 2
Bar Countertop Straight 1
Bar Countertop Straight 2

Day 210 Rewards

Round Cantina Table 1
Round Cantina Table 2
Round Cantina Table 3
Large Cantina Sofa
Tato Cafe Parasol

Day 240 Rewards

Medium Oval Rug
Small Oval Rug
Medium Rectangle Rug
Small Rectangle Rug
Medium Round Rug
Small Round Rug

Day 270 Rewards

A Bith Skull
A Human Skull
An Ithroian Skull
A Thune Skull
A Voritor Lizard Skull
Rebel Endor Helmet

Day 300 Rewards

Flash Speederbike
Large Rectangular Rug 1
Large Rectangular Rug 2
Large Oval Rug
Large Round Rug
Round Data Terminal
Nightsister Melee Armguard

One Year Rewards

Painting: Cast Wing in Flight
Painting: Decimator
Painting: Tatooine Dune Speeder
Painting: Weapon of War
Painting: Fighter Study
Painting: Hutt Greed
Painting: Smuggler’s Run
Painting: Imperial Oppression (TIE Oppressor)
Painting: Emperor’s Eyes (TIE Sentinel)

Relics of Corbantis