Updates & Changes at Relics

A summary of the tweaks, features and new content we’ve added to the Relics server since launching in May 2017.

Many thanks to Relics members Lillyanne, Dakk, Treize, Habanero, Skysis/Aurora, and the coding rockstar Progor for their help and support. Further thanks to Mod The Galaxy, The Rising, DarklightSWG, Galaxy Harvester, C0pp3r, Nickwill86 and Savage for their open source contributions that helped make Relics a reality. And of course thanks to the SWGEmu team for their tireless work, making this all possible.

October 25

  • Static spawns of Black Sun NPCs added to Endor. Find them all!
  • Black Sun spawns on Endor and Yavin increased.
  • Black Sun and DWB NPC loot pass.
  • You can now change the color of Bounty Hunter, Mandalorian and RIS armor.

October 18

  • The first iteration of the Bounty Hunter Guild is now live. The BH Guild is an end game system for Bounty Hunters similar to the FRS for Jedi. If you are interested in helping test, or debate the lore of BHs in the Star Wars universe, contact Mnemon or head to the BH channel in Discord.
  • Fourth generation lightsabers were reverted back to the Master Lightsaber box.
  • Avoid Incapacitation now has a 45 second cooldown before it can be used again.
  • An error that has been in SWG since Patch 10 (!) has been fixed. Commandos should see Heavy Rockey Launcher speed and Heavy Particle Beam Accuracy increased as a result (it’s amazing what damage a little old comma can do).
  • Ithorians and Wookiees can wear the Dizzy defense and Luck necklaces.
  • You are now able to use yaw, pitch and roll to move objects in your house. The command is /rotateFurniture <yaw/pitch/roll> <degrees>. So for example, /rotateFurniture yaw 90. Degrees are -360 to 360. You can also reset rotation to default with /rotateFurniture reset 1. Thanks to Savage for helping with this!
  • In case you haven’t noticed, the Profession Calculator is now live as part of our launcher. It is updated to reflect current Relics skill trees (including the BH Guild). Thanks to Progor and those who helped him get this up and running.

October 10

  • Jedi skill point system reverted back to the emu default.Any Jedi/Normal profession shenanigans and Vader will hunt you mercilessly.
  • Full template Jedi can contact Mnemon for a respec.
  • Berserker rifle has been changed to heavy armor piercing.
  • Jedi missions have been moved to Investigation IV for Bounty Hunters.
  • The force cost of many Jedi Powers skills has been adjusted to 75 percent of their default value, up from 50 percent.
  • Force meditation has been removed from the Knight box.
  • Knight trial requirement reverted to 206 skill points.
  • Padawan box now costs 18 skill points.
  • Force sensitive lines cost 1 skill point for the first box. The rest in that line are free.
  • Speed of FR3 and FR2 was decreased slightly.
  • You should no longer see the Emu team Revisions every time you login.
  • New characters are greeted with a message welcoming them and instructing them to join the galaxy-wide Relics chat.

October 3

  • BH missions should once again show the Jedi’s name instead of a randomly generated one.

September 29

  • Keypad in the Corvette fixed.
  • Number of Jedi points for Knight reduced to 18, allowing Jedi to respec and remain a Knight.

September 19

  • Prophet of the Light Side, Light Jedi Knight and Light Jedi Master NPCs have been added as global spawns (ala their Dark counterparts). Light Jedi drop regular holos. Dark Jedi drop sith holocrons.
  • Mission terminals should now display more missions, with the mission level and target appearing on the main screen. Special thanks to Cesta for his help.
  • Gungan bosses at the Sacred Place POI now have a chance to drop a ‘Sacred Gungan Signet,’ a ring that provides +5 melee defense.
  • Ritualist Jinda bosses at the Ritualist Jinda Cave on Endor now have a chance to drop a ‘Ritualist Jinda Necklace’ that provides +5 defense vs. dizzy.
  • Dantooine primitive NPCs loot has been adjusted.
  • Increased damage on the Carbineer skill Leg Shot 3.
  • Factory crates of several droid, food, architect and other components has been increased.
  • Ithorians can wear cloaks with the hood down. Females can wear Imperial hats.
  • Adjustments were made to Battlefield event NPCs.
  • Adjustments were made to turrets with Battlefield events in mind.
  • Bug fixes, stability fixes and engine updates from the SWG Emu team have been added. More info on specifics is available on GitHub.

September 12

  • Players will proudly display their faction allegiance when deathblowing a player of the opposing faction.
  • Running a combat experiment. More details next week, but would like to see how they impact PvP at the battlefield events before fully addressing them. More transparency in the coming weeks.
  • Jedi can now convert Jedi XP into force sensitive XP.
  • Generator turbine factory crates have been increased.
  • Non-creature handlers can now have 3 pets by default. Creature Handlers should also get an extra creature slot in their datapads.
  • Medical Services Terminal added to Kor Vella.
  • Medical Services Terminal buffs were slightly decreased and their duration decreased to 1 hour. We’ll continue to tweak this until we hit the sweetspot between doc/entertainer buffs being the most used, but terminals buffs available to ensure folks can always fight.
  • Fill force bar was removed from blue frogs (it was there by mistake). FYI … remove buffs from the frogs should also clean your drink/food bars.
  • Loot was rebalanced for kimogilas (think mini-krayts), rancors, jantas, mokks, dantari and kungas.
  • It now only takes 5 seconds for players to go from on-leave to combatant. It takes 45 seconds for a player to go from combatant to special forces. In total players are back in the fight 15 seconds faster, but don’t need to hang out around the recruiter.
  • Battlefield and screenshot of the month badges were added.

September 5

  • Happy Four Month Anniversary Relics!
  • Junk Dealers and Spynet Operatives have been added to all cities with a theater. Contact Mnemon directly if you add a theater to your city.
  • Chef barrels now work and can be used for recipes. Thanks to Chia for figuring out how to get them working!
  • Metal fasteners now have increased factory crate sizes.

August 29

  • Corellian Corvette had some missing files added. Hopefully this fixes issues with NPC conversations on the ship. Baby steps.
  • Player city theaters now come with a bazaar inside. Existing theaters need to be re-deeded and deployed to get the bazaar to show (contact Mnemon if there are issues). Cities with a theater should contact Mnemon, as the building also entitles them to receive a junk dealer NPC and Spynet operative.
  • Bazaar settings have been tweaked. Players can charge up to 50,000 credits and have up to 50 items on the bazaar. The expiration period has also been increased to 15 days.
  • City perks added to Talon and Avalon. Go check them out!
  • Acklay will no longer horde this loot.
  • Several requested crafting components and weapons upgrades have had their factory crate size increased. If you feel a commonly used component has been missed, please use the Feedback form (it’s on the website and you can also get a link in Discord with !feedback).
  • Jedi should lose the appropriate amount of XP when using regain consciousness.
  • Village quests should play more nicely with our 2 days phase shifts.

August 22

  • Corellian Corvette loot should be fixed. The rush is on for the first AV-21! Also no more blue frog.
  • Knight Trials have been enabled.
  • Aspects of the village were changed from testing to live settings.
  • Many optimization, stability and engine fixes from the SWG Emu Team.
  • Fusion, solar and wind generators have had their extraction rates increased. Fusion generators should have a higher BER than heavy ore harvesters, while wind and solar generators are comparable.

August 15

  • Corellian Corvette is live!
  • New Medical Services Terminals are live. They charge 5k for 2250 health and action buffs plus 600 mind buffs.
  • Acklay added as a world spawn on Yavin IV.
  • Gorax spawns increased on Endor.
  • Peko Albatross spawns increased on Naboo. All types of Peko Pekos can now drop feathers (very rare for regular pekos, less rare for giants).

August 8

  • This week’s update includes many stability, bug and other improvements brought us by the SWG Emu team. Nothing sexy, but fixes to a lot of annoying issues that have plagued us. More info about what has been added can be found on their GitHub page. We are current with their July 31 update.

August 1

  • Jedi should lose the proper amount of experience when killed by a bounty hunter.
  • Racial penalties toward purchasing Imperial faction perks was decreased. The highest penalty is now 2x down from 3x.
  • Rental flag deeds should be tradeable.
  • The crate size for a number of heavily used components has been increased to 1,000. If you feel an item was missed, please use the Contact Relics form and let us know (worse we can do is say no). General rule of thumb is any advance component that is mass produced.
  • Veteran rewards should now be claimable every 10 days instead of 30. New items are still added every 30 days.
  • Fixed an error that has loot kit parts not dropping as ‘junk’ as intended.
If you can read this you do not need glasses.

July 25

  • Wookiees and Ithorians can now change armor color on Sentinel and Hunting pieces. Be jealous … they have a frame to edit!
  • City perks added to Land of the Lost, Mortem Solis, NF Outpost and Esandis. Go check them out!
  • Loot kit parts were added to ‘junk’ loot, with some other useless items taken out.
  • The level of wild banthas, dewbacks, cu-pas and falumpasets was lowered to 10 so non-creature handlers can use them as mounts.
  • Loot has been changed for all variations of krayt dragons, Axkva Min and force sensitive NPCs on Dantooine (and found in some other places as well).
  • Some high level event creatures have been scattered throughout the galaxy.

July 20

  • Jedi Bounty Missions should now pay the correct amount based on a Jedi’s trained boxes.

July 18

  • Group size increased to 100.
  • Group invite range increased to 1,000 meters.
  • Scouts and Rangers should see increases in hide, meat and bones harvested. Skinny creatures were increased from 50 percent harvesting to 100 percent, with scrawny, medium and fat going up from there.
  • Jedi experience loss was adjusted to take into account the server’s 10 times experience (so Jedi should lose what they are supposed to upon death).
  • Mission terminals have been added to Ranger camps.
  • Increased music XP when crafting instruments.

June 28

  • Badges have been added for event participation, and those who donate to Relics server costs.
  • Force sensitive skill points have been set to 0 for each box. Jedi still need 6 full lines to qualify for the Padawan trials.
  • Training the Padawan box costs 225 skill points. Novice Jedi boxes cost 5 skill point, with the first box in each line costing 1.
  • Certifications for fourth generation lightsabers have been moved to Master Powers (double-bladed), Master Enhancement (two-handed) and Master Defender or Master Healer (one-handed).
  • Above Jedi changes are implemented on a trial basis. We’ll see how they work out.
  • More than 30 paintings added to loot.
  • Default factory crate size changed to 1,000. Some items are still bound by schematic-specific crate limits and will be changed on a case-by-case basis in the future.
  • Jedi and other skills have been added to armor and clothing attachments. Many SEAs that had no benefit were removed. Contact Mnemon if you find a candidate moving forward for removal.
  • Firing animation for Light Lightning Cannons has been changed.
  • Default insect meat drops have been increased by 10 across the galaxy.
  • Locked containers will drop paintings, crystals and loot kit parts.
  • NPC Bounty Hunter mission targets should drop loot.
  • Draw distance of object considered ‘close’ has increased.
  • Special loot has been added to high level Gungan Sacred Place NPCs. You’ll have to kill them to find out what.
  • The Jinda Ritualist cave on Endor has had the difficulty of its mobs increased. With the increase comes better loot. High level Jinda’s also drop ‘special loot.’

June 19

  • Village phases shortened to two days.
  • Krayt dragons should drop loot more often and of better quality.
  • Buff terminals 2.0 are now live. The buff that says it does nothing … does nothing. Also, make sure to use the ‘Boring Mind Buff’ before going to a doctor, or your buffs will be overwritten.
  • Gorax bone shards should now have a minimum damage (apparently they are NPCs … who knew?)
  • Dantari, Kungas and Mokks also drop Janta speciality items (blood, hide, etc.)
  • Difficulty of the King Mereks has been modified.

June 17

  • Player city hospitals have been increased to 120 medical rating, making them the best place for buffs in the galaxy (and giving them a reason to exist).
  • The ‘Father’s Day’ week long event has kicked off! See the news section for info about the Mad Scientist’s latest attack on the galaxy!

June 10

  • Gardens of all types can be build in cities regardless of planet.
  • Deeds for event perks are now tradeable.
  • Special city perks have been added to Twin Suns, Ninety-Fourth and Vets of Valcyn.
  • Respawn times have been changed at Fort Tusken to be more forgiving.
  • Clothing and Armor Attachments have been added to the Junk loot table.
  • Locked container, satchel and cargo pocket drops have been increased.
  • A wider variety of paintings and rental deeds should drop from NPCs, and more often.
  • Player city hospitals now have a medical rating of 110 (better buffs) and players in the hospitals should slowly tick away wounds similar to NPC city Medical Centers.
  • Player city hospitals, cantinas and theaters now cost 1 lot, down from 3 or 5.
  • Image designer skill points have been reduced to 1 point per box. For this to appear in your game you’ll need to download a new Relics_1.tre and place it in your SWG folder.

June 5

  • Jedi XP changed to 1x instead of 10x.
  • Many additional paintings were added to the loot table.
  • Flag rentals were added to the loot table.
  • Gungan NPCs at the Sacred Place POI had their skills and attack power changed.

May 30

  • City ranks changed to 6, 9, 10, 12 and 15 citizens.
  • New players are now announced via a system message when they join the server.
  • Pets should be called in 5 seconds just like vehicles.

May 27

  • Increased the spawn times of guards and captains at the Gungan Sacred Place. You now have at least 30 minutes before they will respawn. Bosses at the POI respawn approximately every hour.
  • You can now board at starports from the ticket terminal (no longer need to run to the droid before boarding).
  • Chitin and Ubese armor can now have their color changed via the radial menu (similar to composite).
  • Wookiees and Ithorians can now wear Ubese, Chitin and Composite.
  • After receiving a grant from the Imperial Security Bureau, Medical Service Terminals are now available at most major starports.
  • Crafting times have been reduced.
  • Mounted pets should now have a run speed between a speederbike and a swoop.

May 21

  • Blue frogs have been replaced with ‘Medical Services Terminals’ in Theed, Coronet and Mos Eisley. They provide player buffs in three different flavors for credits. Players can also use the terminals to clear their wounds and battle fatigue. The terminals are provided to ensure players are always able to login and play, but intentionally not as good as doctor, musician or dancer buffs.
  • The first of our revamped, challenging POIs has been added. If you head to the Gungan Sacred Place on Naboo you will find tougher Gungans to battle, including guards, captains, generals, leaders and a war chief. With tougher enemies comes better loot!
  • The mutant leviasquall event has ended. Rumor has it the freak beasts will still harass players from time to time.
  • Village phases have been set to 10 days. The phase should change on the 10th day at 6 p.m. Eastern.
  • There should now be fewer sand storms on Tatooine.
  • Krayt tissues and gorax bones should now have both a max and a minimum damage associated with them.
  • Krayt spawns should be quicker and random.
  • Mission terminals have been added to all Ranger camps. BH terminals available on the camps awarded beyond Novice Ranger.

May 15

  • Added loot groups used for special events.
  • Added named color crystals to the game.
  • Tweaks to the Mutant Leviasquall week-long event.

May 14

  • Skill points have been adjusted to one skill point a box for Entertainer, Dancer, Musician and Image Designer. The business line of Artisan is also one point per box. Merchant boxes are free. You can master Dancer, Musician, Image Designer and Merchant and still have 130 skill points left.
  • For the skill points to appear properly in your client, you will need to download the Relics_1.tre file and place it in your SWG folder. You will also need to add the line “searchTree_00_26=relics_1.tre” to your swgemu_live.cfg file. A sample of an swgemu_live.cfg file is available. Also a great time to download Sytner’s awesome Satelitte Maps if you don’t have it.
  • Group rewards are no longer split automatically (i.e. return of solo groups).
  • Clothing and Armor Attachments have friendlier names.
  • You are able to migrate your stats at any time outside of combat.

May 13

  • The server-wide ‘Relics’ chat channel has returned. Auction can now be used for selling goods and services as intended. To join the room, right click on a chat tab and ‘Join Chat Channels.’ You’ll see the Relics channel underneath the server name after double clicking it. Highlight the channel and click ‘Join.’ After hitting OK, right click the chat tab again and ‘Modify’ it. Add the Relics chat from the left to the column on the right and hit OK. After joining you can use /relics to chat in the channel.
  • Resource crate sizes were increased to 999,999.
  • Factory times have been greatly reduced.
  • Galaxy Harvester can now be updated directly from our live server.

May 9

  • Players should now be able to take up to 10 missions at once. Get to work!
  • Weapons certified by marksman and brawler have been set to medium armor piercing.
  • Weapons certified by an advance profession have been set to heavy armor piercing.
  • Personal harvesters changed to 5 min, 10 max base extraction rate, with hopper sizes between 50,000 and 100,000.
  • Medium, solar and wind harvesters changed to 10 min, 20 max base extraction rate with hopper sizes between 75,000 and 150,000.
  • Heavy and fusion harvesters changed to 15 min, 30 max base extraction rate with hopper sizes between 100,000 and 200,000.

May 8

  • Server balance sheet, showing donations and server payments, has been added to the bottom of the Donate to Relics page.
  • New ‘Brainstorming Lab’ channel added to Discord. The new chat room will be for discussing new ideas members of Relics have in a constructive arena.

May 7

  • Relics is once again on Galaxy Harvester, this time as galaxy number 65. Thanks to the fine folks at GH!
  • The Empire is heralded a new era in transportation. Minus the interference of the Senate, Imperial shuttles are now regularly available throughout the galaxy, and ships from both starports and shuttleports can take passengers off-world.
  • New players log in with 60,000 in credits total. In addition to standard items, all players receive a Speederbike and a backpack, Artisans receive wind tool, Medics receive the same survey tools Artisans receive. Also, eating a melon unlocks Jedi for 1 out of every 5 players. One of the statements in this bullet isn’t true.
  • Player experience is 10 times the normal value.
  • Veteran rewards available on Day One, 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, 180, 210, 240, 270, 300, 365 and every 30 days after that. ADKs were removed. Flash speeder is available in 300 days. An NGE house token will be added when they are available.
  • Cities can be re-specialized once a week. Funds can be removed from the treasury once a week. City grace periods are one week. City ranks at 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 citizens. Ten trainers allowed per city rank. City specializations are half price. City maintenance discounted 50 percent.
  • Each account can have all three of its characters online at once.
  • Vehicle and pet call delay reduced to 5 seconds from 15.
  • Geo caves are open.
  • Through a combination of grinding professions, traveling the galaxy and a couple of acts of heroism, players can become one with the force.
  • Player houses hold 400 items per lot. Small houses are 1 lot, Medium are 2 and Large are 3. Guild Halls and NGE houses are 3. The max number of items for any building is 1,200.
Relics of Corbantis