Relics of Corbantis: Chapter I

For months he and his acolytes have terrorized the galaxy.

And yet the question still remains … who is the Mad Scientist?

Not only is the Empire and Rebellion interested in learning the answer, but many factions are also looking to reach out to the Scientist and his followers to see where their loyalties lie – striking up alliances if possible.

Despite having the Scientist in custody, the Imperial Security Bureau is no closer to answering that elusive question.

Perhaps just as importantly, how is he and his followers able to control creatures and get them to attack their targets?

Governor Jekurra has been tasked by the Emperor himself to find answers to these questions.

He hired a collection of mercenaries, many who helped rescue him from that unfortunate Tusken incident several weeks ago, to help gather evidence.

“There is hope,” he told the assembled soldiers. “We have received word Jabba and Lady Valarian intercepted some information that might lead to the whereabouts of the Fish’s acolytes. Your job: find high ranking members of the Jabba or Valarian gangs and confiscate any information they might have.”

Members of both gangs were easy to find. Jabba’s soldiers were in Bestine, getting ready to bring the datadisc they obtained through illicit means back to Jabba’s Palace. The Governor’s task force was able to intercept and defeat them before anybody escaped.

After delivering the disc, they then travelled to Mos Eisley. Lady Valarian and her cronies were getting ready to try and slice the disc when the task force arrived. Fighting was fierce, as the task force moved from room to room, fighting Valarian’s henchmen and searching for the disc. Finally they were able to find it on one of her leader’s dead body.

Confident their work was done, the group made its way back to the Theed cantina, which was being used as a base of operations for Jekurra.

But they were jumped by what appeared to be Trade Federation sympathizers. The attackers were dispatched, but not after heavy casualties (and more than a fewer swoops).

Upon returning, Jekurra praised the group.

“Smart not trying to break the encryption. If i give the Fish Followers credit for one thing it is their technical prowess. This encryption used on this disk is likely formidable,” he said. “We’ll have our top slicers work on this. Keep your holo-communicator handy, as I’ll be calling for you and your cronies as soon as we have this disk deciphered.”

Relics of Corbantis ‘saga’ events are a new type of event where player actions directly determine the outcome and direction of the story. Events will have a number of different rules sets, with many matching Imperials vs. Rebels. Not only will you need to outplay your adversary on the battlefield, but also outsmart them. Intelligence, cunning and guile will be rewarded. As this series of events is experimental, please provide any feedback you feel is valuable after the case. Storyline ideas are also welcome!

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Relics of Corbantis
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