Getting Started: Installing SWGEmu & Joining Relics

Thanks for your interest in Relics of Corbantis!

The steps below are quick and easy, and you’ll be beginning your adventure on Relics in no time! Make sure to read our Rules & Expectations before joining, and brushing up on changes we have already implemented is also probably a good idea. Both pages are updated regularly.

  • Instead of making you join a forum, we use Discord for our announcements and communication. Join our Discord server. Please make sure your email address is verified.
  • Make sure your nickname reflects what you want to be called. Your Discord name and Login name need to match. Unrecognized login names (i.e. we do not know you from Discord) will be deleted with little or no warning.
  • Installed the original Star Wars Galaxies onto your computer.
  • Head to and download the default SWGEmu launcher.
  • Install the launcher on your computer. When it is done, open it.
  • Download the Relics_1.tre file and place it in your SWG folder (last updated June 28).
  • Add the line “searchTree_00_26=relics_1.tre” to your swgemu_live.cfg file (or download the sample).
  • While optional, now is a great time to download Sytner’s awesome satellite maps if you don’t have it. You’ll also need to add it to your swgemu_live.cfg as in the above example.
  • Go to “Settings” and then “Login Servers.”
  • Click add. You can find our server IP and port in the Welcome channel of Discord.
  • Hit “OK” twice.
  • On the Launcher, make sure to select Relics of Corbantis from the pull down in the lower right hand corner.
  • Hit “Start”
  • If it is your first time logging in, you’ll create your username and password on the login screen. Again, please make sure to use your Discord name to login.

That’s it!

Some things to keep in mind after beginning your Relics adventure:

  • We have a customized login package available. Certainly not required, but pretty cool and easy to install.
  • The Relics chat tab provides a galaxy-wide channel for chitchatting with other players.
  • You should be provided with everything you need to get started when you login – additional credits (60,000 total), survey tools (including wind to gather energy), a speederbike deed, chitin armor and, of course, a melon.
  • Buff terminal are available in Theed, Coronet and Mos Eisley. They provide different flavors of buffs depending on your need and pocketbook. Keep in mind Doc and Entertainer buffs will always be better.
  • Many players call Twin Suns on Tatooine home right now. The guild hall has vendors with things you might need. Mind buffs usually available in the cantina. Trainers, mission terminals, a bank, etc. are also there.
  • Have fun and remember Wheaton’s Law at all times!

Relics of Corbantis