Guardian of the Whills

Loosely based on the character Chirrut Îmwe from Rogue One, the Guardian of the Whills is intended to be a ‘beta class’ alternative to Jedi – easier to obtain, slightly less powerful, while still having access to force sensitive abilities.

Please note, the following information is part of a class that is still a work in progress and subject to change.

Players would first need to master both the Teras Kasi and Pikeman advanced professions to unlock Guardian. Rumor has it a former Guardian of the Whills, who was stationed at the Temple of the Whills on Jedha is trying to rebuild the order and recruiting new Guardians in the galaxy. Finding this Guardian will set players on their path. Weaponsmiths will also seek to find the Guardian, as he is knowledgeable in crafting the fabled Lightbow.

Novice Guardians will continue to primarily gain polearm experience as they work their way through three of the four trees of the beta class and the master box. The Lightbow Ranged Expertise line requires rifle experience. With the training of voice, they are certified with two new weapons – a ranged lightbow and a melee lightbow. Effective Guardians will switch between these two variants in combat.

Each of the Guardians four skill trees has a different focus.

One With The Force – This line of the tree focuses on a Guardians defensive ability through innate melee, ranged and state defenses.

Wellspring of Life – With these skills the Guardian is able to quickly heal him/herself outside of combat, increase their ability to avoid incoming attacks with Center of Being as well as taunt creatures and NPCs to make them attack. They are also able to channel the force and heal their health, action and mind pools – with relatively long cooldowns.

Lightbow Melee Expertise & Lightbow Ranged Expertise – These two lines allow the Guardian to become efficient with a rifle and formidable with a polearm. While the ranged line primarily teaches the Guardian skills others learn as Marksmen, the melee line teaches them two new devastating attacks – Kyber Strike I and Kyber Strike II. Both attacks apply a stun and dizzy to the target. Kyber Strike I is a single target attack on the health pool, while Kyber Strike II is a conal attack hitting multiple pools at once.

Guardian of the Whills – By finishing the long journey to the master box, players are rewarded with the title ‘Guardian of the Whills.’ In addition to improved rifle skills, they are given three new abilities. Kyber Strike III is an improved conal attack, hitting harder than KSII while also blinding the target. The Wellspring Heal All heals all three pools at once (much like Jedi Heal All Self I) and Wellspring Heal Other heals the pools of another player (much like the Jedi Heal All Other skill). Finally, Shamanistic Focus clears any states off the Guardian.

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