Fighting Breaks Out on Lok, Rori

With the Battles of Talus, Scariff and Yavin fresh on the mind of the galaxy, hostilities between the Rebellion and Empire erupted again, this time on the backwater planets of Rori and Lok.

After weeks of posturing, both sides fought ferociously to gain a foothold on the planets, with each seen as vital strategic locations to control before fighting is sure to spread to Tatooine, Naboo and Corellia.

On Lok, Imperial forces were able to ride a number advantage to victory, successfully defeating the Rebels and claiming control of the southern half of the planet. Their forces continued to push north, with a battle looming on the outskirts of Nym’s Outpost.

However, all was not doom and gloom for the Rebellion. They struck a major victory for their cause, beating back the Empire for the first time on the all important moon of Naboo. Skirmishes have been reported outside Restuss, and a battle is expected outside the city.

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