Cities on Relics

So, you want a quiet corner of the galaxy for you and your closest friends to call home.

Here’s what you need to know.

  • Master Politician costs no skill points and is available by asking in our Support Discord channel.
  • City ranks are 6, 9, 10, 12 and 15 residents. This is tied to our max number of characters per account, so it takes just two people to have an outpost and four for a city with a shuttle.
  • After placing your city hall you have one week to reach 6 total residents.
  • The city updates and withdraws maintenance once a week.
  • When you have enough citizens for a shuttleport you can request your city to be instantly upgraded. Once again, post in the Support channel and admins will get to it as soon as possible.
  • Overall city maintenance is cut in half.
  • Rank 5 city specializations are also half price.
  • You receive 10 trainers and 10 decorations per city rank.
  • You are currently unable to build on Dathomir, Yavin IV or Endor (like live).
  • House type restrictions are also in place (i.e. can’t build a Naboo house on Corellia).
  • Other special amenities can be added to cities for a hefty donation to the Empire. For example faction recruiters, bounty hunting spynet agents, junk dealers and potentially interplanetary travel. These upgrades cost 10 million and up.

Cities on Relics

Name: Twin Suns
Location: Tatooine | 2460 4100 | NE of Mos Entha
Amenities: Research Center, Shuttle, Cantina, Vendor Mall, Bank, Garage, Hospital, Cloning Center
Affiliation: Neutral
Mayor: Marigold
Accepting New Residents: Yes

Name: Tantive
Location: Dantooine | 4860 -3330 | NE of Pirate Outpost
Amenities: New
Affiliation: Rebel
Mayor: Ranzin
Accepting New Residents: Yes

Name: Ninety-Four
Location: Tatooine| -3300 -4600 | Bestine/Anchorhead/Wayfar Triangle
Amenities: Research Center, Museum, ‘City of Lights,’ Shuttle, Cantina, Garage, Hospital, Bank
Affiliation: Rebel
Guild: Ninety-Fourth
Mayor: Pyro
Accepting New Residents: Yes

Name: Vets of Valcyn
Location: Naboo | -5820 3150 | South of Theed
Amenities: Improved Job Market, Shuttle, Cantina, Garage, Hospital, Bank
Affiliation: Neutral
Guild: VoV
Mayor: DakkValcyn
Accepting New Residents: Yes

Name: Solleu Landing
Location: Naboo | -1170 2790 | Southwest of Keren
Amenities: Medical Center, Shuttle, Cantina, Bank, Hospital
Affiliation: Imperial
Guild: NITES
Mayor: Mnemon
Accepting New Residents: Yes

Relics of Corbantis