Elite Group Rescues Tusken Hostage

What started as a routine trip to the Outer Rim turned into anything but normal for Governor Jekurra. The high ranking Imperial official was on his way to an undisclosed location when his shuttle developed mechanical problems above Tatooine. After trying to fix the problem, him and his crew were forced to land outside the outpost known as Wayfar.

Why Join Relics?

So why join Relics of Corbantis?

Frankly if you’re looking for custom planets, reengineered professions and tons of custom coding there are other great options out there. But that isn’t Relics. Our goal isn’t to change everything about SWG until it is barely recognizable. Instead we’re going to focus on what made SWG great in the first place – its community.

Unlocking Jedi on Relics

We get it. You want to be a Jedi. Most do.

Starting off, Relics will have a slightly customized Jedi system. You will need to visit some POIs, master professions with skills helpful for your path to wielding a lightsaber and finish Jabba’s Palace and the Imperial or Rebel theme park before getting a visit from the Old Man.

Relics of Corbantis